Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things that make you go, oooh.

So I had this revelation of God’s awesomeness, once again! - God is good!!

Well, I was chatting to a friend and they were sharing something that made me think, WOW, God really does use sinners to do his work... Why?


I was like wait on, I am a sinner too. Like I don’t mean to be, but it’s just something that goes on with everyone. Then I thought woah, in my eyes someone’s sin could look WAY big and bad, compared to something 'little' that I’ve done. But do you know what, God classes all sin as the same, no matter how huge or little it may seem. God can truly use anyone and everyone, and he does! He chooses to use us even though we are sinners. It’s so cool because we are not perfect, but HE is; and He is in us! We are perfect in his sight! There is no one left out, and nobody that he isn't following. We are ALL his favourites!
So don’t let sin hold you back from powering on with God! Don't let the devil rob you of witnessing the glory, and being such an important piece of our Christly body; working together as ONE!
Oo, and that verse about noticing the dirt in someone else’s eye but not noticing the big log in your own eye is so hard out. Like if we don’t focus on the faults of others but by God's grace and love work on removing the log in our own eye then we can have so much love for one-another. Come-on love! In love there is unity and fun! God likes fun :) - Love over powers!!!

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