Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Producing, dun-dun-dun...

"Every seed will produce more of its own kind of plant" Genesis 1:11

What seeds are we sowing and leaving behind?
Seeds can be sown by the wind, a travelling voice, through a memory, an action or a word.
-Words have the power to destroy or bring life. Proverbs 18:21

What are we filling ourselves with? Because that's what we will produce; I'm hoping good things, Godly things!

God powers our every movement; He is our breath and our strength. Let's bring the glory and honour back to him by following his ways and filling ourselves with good things. So, in every movement all the glory and honour can be given back to our king...You never know who is watching!

But, we do know one thing.... God sees; he sees all things!

We need to realise the power that is behind everything we do, it can be either good or bad. We ourselves have the choice to respond in ways that are uplifting or discouraging. Someone else doesn’t have the power to make us act, that's our choice! Let’s choose wisely in how we respond, as we will be accountable for our responses when we meet with God.


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