Friday, August 6, 2010

Respect your elders.


I’m so blessed to have the coolest grandparents on both sides.
Yesterday being around my pop and nan, I had a fresh revelation of how flippn amazing they are and meanwhile got blown away by God in the midst of it.
God, has totally totally got things right! This generational structure of people can be so beautiful. Grandparents have grown up ahead of us and from being older and through experience they have SO much to offer the younger generations.
God has put them ahead of us to help us, to stretch us, to pray for us, and SO much more.
Have you taken the time lately to spend time with your grandparents?
Hearing about my nan and pops adventures with the Lord was so inspiring and made me think, you definitely cannot ever stop growing and learning in the way that you'll become perfect.
God's grace is so evident, everywhere, and it makes me weak just thinking about it. Who are we to receive so much goodness?
It truly goes to show that God loves us WAY (too) much ;)
He's such a good GOOD daddy, and I feel so HONORED to be apart of it all.
WOW God.

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