Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All who

All who do evil hate the light and will not come to the light, because it will show all the evil things they do. John 3:20

How then do we get people to the light?

God as number one

I just want to follow God and help him do his works. If that is all I want to do then how happy will I be when I am pursuing that. God knows the desires of my heart and if I want something else, he will bring that/them in at the right time; a time where that/they will work together for my good. Wow. How great is our God. Putting God first and trusting him to do the right thing at the right time can sometimes be a challenge. I don’t know why though because he is SO good, he is faithful every time; we will never lack. I love my God! God as number one is the best way to go!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He makes me weak in the knees, literally!

Kari Jobe - You are for me.

Have you ever been judged? How did it feel? It really isn't an awesome feeling huh. Judging is only acceptable by one person, and that's God our Father. Why, because he is the only one that knows everything; the truth. He knows our hearts intentions and motives, things that others don’t even think of or observe. Can you do that? He makes the right calls at the right times. He quietly draws us near to him and in that place of grace and love, he reveals the truth to us. Having marinated in his goodness and truth we are not able to contain our non-righteous ways any longer. He loves to show and teach us things and he is always speaking to us. All we have to do is turn around and see that he is right there waiting for us to fling ourselves into his arms. He will never leave us nor forsake us! Sometimes the Father takes the stance of 'pretending' that he doesn’t know something, just so we will run to him, lay things down and share them with him. He is a jealous God. He just wants our love and attention. Don’t shut him out!!! Our God is so good, he doesn’t condemn us in anyway. Be encouraged, He moves in grace and love. How can we resist him?!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Everybody knows somebody

Everybody knows somebody.

Imagine the impact we would have in showing such love and kindness to one specific person at all times. Either through gifts, quality time, acts of service, gentleness, or speaking kind truthful words to them.
They would be so blessed/inspired and encouraged that they would also do the same for someone else that they have in their life.
The cycle would be epically beautiful.

- "Even if you are just a nobody, you know somebody!"

Being faithful in the small leads to being able to be faithful in the large. Your small 'one rain drop' in the dessert can lead to a fresh spring rain later on, if you are constant.

You have the ability to do much! Being faithful is the key, start out small, see what happens!

Will you act towards that one person you know, today?

The little things matter!

I think it's really important to try our best in everything we do.

Today at work I had to put labels on these bottles, I kinda just flung them on there (didnt really worry about making them real straight. After I had finished and filled the bottles up with goodness, the boss came over to me and checked them out. "Let's make these labels straight aye. This is the worst thing for technicians, you would fail at being a technician, badly." - *Continues to drag the stinkness on for a while longer...* (LOL, I was thinking, what the heck! I actually think that was the first time someone actually insulted me like that, EVER! I laughed to myself because of that, and thought, just as well im not wanting to be a technician then, huh! haha oh dear!)

It just made me think, there may be things that dont worry you and you may think you dont have to be perfect there, but I think it is so important to give it your all in that area anyways.

-"In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people!"

Friday, August 6, 2010

The way I am

Was waiting for a friend to arrive the other day and was listening to a song. I decided that i'd listen really closely to the words instead of getting so caught up in the rhythm!

"*I aint got no money, I have no money to go on a date.. cant even by you flowers, but together we could be the perfect soul mates!
-We can work without the perks just you and me
*I don't need the cheese or the car keys, I like you just the way you are
-I ain't got no Visa, I ain't got no Red American Express, We can't go nowhere exotic, It don't matter 'cause I'm the one that loves you best!"

As I was listening, it came to my attention, Wow, why dont we love people for who they are now; not just loving them with the expectation that they will change later.

It's just like, when we focus on God all the extra things will fall into place. But by then when the extra things fall into place, we dont even care about them because we are so wrapped up in the relationship that we are in with him!

So, it's cool to be treated sometimes as it makes things bonus special, but if we have our relationship downpacked first, the lil gifts after are so much more special because it doesnt matter about the quality of gifts as they are gifted out of love! So cool.

Of course, in relation to God and our personal relationsip with him, when we are wrapped up in his love, if there is wrong in our lives we want to change!

Let's love with no exceptions! And with no excpetions judge others; for the way we judge, is the way we will be judged in return.

Let's love others the way God loves us, how strong will things be then. God is everywhere! Love-Love!

Respect your elders.


I’m so blessed to have the coolest grandparents on both sides.
Yesterday being around my pop and nan, I had a fresh revelation of how flippn amazing they are and meanwhile got blown away by God in the midst of it.
God, has totally totally got things right! This generational structure of people can be so beautiful. Grandparents have grown up ahead of us and from being older and through experience they have SO much to offer the younger generations.
God has put them ahead of us to help us, to stretch us, to pray for us, and SO much more.
Have you taken the time lately to spend time with your grandparents?
Hearing about my nan and pops adventures with the Lord was so inspiring and made me think, you definitely cannot ever stop growing and learning in the way that you'll become perfect.
God's grace is so evident, everywhere, and it makes me weak just thinking about it. Who are we to receive so much goodness?
It truly goes to show that God loves us WAY (too) much ;)
He's such a good GOOD daddy, and I feel so HONORED to be apart of it all.
WOW God.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Producing, dun-dun-dun...

"Every seed will produce more of its own kind of plant" Genesis 1:11

What seeds are we sowing and leaving behind?
Seeds can be sown by the wind, a travelling voice, through a memory, an action or a word.
-Words have the power to destroy or bring life. Proverbs 18:21

What are we filling ourselves with? Because that's what we will produce; I'm hoping good things, Godly things!

God powers our every movement; He is our breath and our strength. Let's bring the glory and honour back to him by following his ways and filling ourselves with good things. So, in every movement all the glory and honour can be given back to our king...You never know who is watching!

But, we do know one thing.... God sees; he sees all things!

We need to realise the power that is behind everything we do, it can be either good or bad. We ourselves have the choice to respond in ways that are uplifting or discouraging. Someone else doesn’t have the power to make us act, that's our choice! Let’s choose wisely in how we respond, as we will be accountable for our responses when we meet with God.


give or get

“We are filled to be emptied again, the seed I’ll receive I will sow”

This is SO true!

...God gave first. Now it is a never ending road where everyone receives or is it gives to another person, so that we can be filled and emptied again. So, I think both are just as important as the other!

You see, most people love to give, but find it hard to receive back. However, if we don’t receive back, then how can somebody give? If we rob people of giving, then we won’t receive, and in turn we won’t be able to sow the seed that person sowed into us. It’s ok to be blessed! Praise the Lord, its part of helping each other out.
Joshua 19 verse 9 says that “the land of the Simeonites was taken from part of the land of Judah. Since Judah had much more land then they needed, the Simeonites received part of their land.”

God truly blasts us with his goodness, SO MUCH, that we have MORE than we need, so that we can share!!

“I want nothing less than more of you, Jesus!”

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things that make you go, oooh.

So I had this revelation of God’s awesomeness, once again! - God is good!!

Well, I was chatting to a friend and they were sharing something that made me think, WOW, God really does use sinners to do his work... Why?


I was like wait on, I am a sinner too. Like I don’t mean to be, but it’s just something that goes on with everyone. Then I thought woah, in my eyes someone’s sin could look WAY big and bad, compared to something 'little' that I’ve done. But do you know what, God classes all sin as the same, no matter how huge or little it may seem. God can truly use anyone and everyone, and he does! He chooses to use us even though we are sinners. It’s so cool because we are not perfect, but HE is; and He is in us! We are perfect in his sight! There is no one left out, and nobody that he isn't following. We are ALL his favourites!
So don’t let sin hold you back from powering on with God! Don't let the devil rob you of witnessing the glory, and being such an important piece of our Christly body; working together as ONE!
Oo, and that verse about noticing the dirt in someone else’s eye but not noticing the big log in your own eye is so hard out. Like if we don’t focus on the faults of others but by God's grace and love work on removing the log in our own eye then we can have so much love for one-another. Come-on love! In love there is unity and fun! God likes fun :) - Love over powers!!!