Friday, August 13, 2010

Everybody knows somebody

Everybody knows somebody.

Imagine the impact we would have in showing such love and kindness to one specific person at all times. Either through gifts, quality time, acts of service, gentleness, or speaking kind truthful words to them.
They would be so blessed/inspired and encouraged that they would also do the same for someone else that they have in their life.
The cycle would be epically beautiful.

- "Even if you are just a nobody, you know somebody!"

Being faithful in the small leads to being able to be faithful in the large. Your small 'one rain drop' in the dessert can lead to a fresh spring rain later on, if you are constant.

You have the ability to do much! Being faithful is the key, start out small, see what happens!

Will you act towards that one person you know, today?

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