Wednesday, August 1, 2012

God moves at the right time, faith pleases God.

Every night I dream pretty much without fail. I hardly ever know what they are about or remember them when I wake up in the morning. From last night the only thing I can remember is this HUGE, BIG METAL TRUCK/MACHINE/MONSTER thing that was SO long and never seemed to have an end. It was all twisted and was destroying things, getting in everyone’s ways, killing people. I remember that I somehow got stuck amongst its twisted ‘trailers’ (which were towering over me, I was so small compared) and eventually there was nowhere for me to go or move. I remember thinking, is this it? Is this how I am going to go/see Jesus/die? And as I was pondering that (not actually believing it in my heart, that it was the end) I was suddenly on top of the twisted trailers that were non-stop moving and destroying. I had ‘new life’, a chance to get away! But although I was still present in the destruction, I knew I would be fine and that I could get away. The next mission was to get away, which was kind of like Tarzan-ing along the sea of trailers/metal to get into the tall buildings and beyond into the meadows.
I woke up this morning or after that dream thinking ‘wow, God really does have a way where there seems like there is no way!’ Even against all the odds and the trapped feelings, there will be a shift and there will be hope.  I was on top, I had space to move; it was time to move on, time to get out of that place. God is able. Call upon him.  Through it all faith pleases God and he is with you, he will lift you out at the right time, not a minute too late.  
I just felt like I had to share this with you. Bless you xo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God's Overwhelming Love

Wow the extremity of God’s love... there is NO end to his love. In his love there is so much grace, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and overwhelming joy.

The greatest of these is love. We might hear it a lot but it’s true. Love is never ending. We cannot even imagine the vastness of love and ultimately God’s love. It always has us covered and it will always surprise us with pure goodness.

When our thoughts are on love we will be immersed IN love, completely saturated by love. Love is everlasting and awe-inspiring, hope-filled and unfailing. Love is everything amazing!

Nothing can hold us back from the love of God. It is ever abounding towards us and it will never stop; for all of our days and beyond. God boasts about us. He sings love songs to us; he is hopelessly romantic. He knows every way to get our attention and how to woo us! He is the ultimate lover; the lover of our souls and whole being! He delights in us! We are precious to him and he honours us, he LOVES us. Isaiah 43:4.

He is calling our names, wanting us to look in his direction. He wants us to be close to him. So close that we are one with him and that we can move with him in any direction and in every way. Now that is an exciting life!

Love castes out ALL fear. God doesn’t know fear as he is fullness. We do not lack anything in Him.

Lately I have been feeling hopeless; which is such a horrible feeling and it was confusing because I knew the truth and I was so close yet so far away from feeling the love of God. I couldn’t even bring myself to look out the window. I knew something was not right. I was brought to the thought of being paralyzed by fear. What the heck, no thanks. At the moment there is so much going on, so much to keep track of and to organise; a crazy amount of forces pressuring me to perform to the best of my abilities. It was like living trying to perform to everyone else’s expectations of me; that’s draining and not possible! When I was living like this I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t want to do anything because I couldn’t do anything well. Thank the Lord for his grace that covers and assists us in and through life! He is my teacher and the one who I answer to. Sometimes it’s so hard to bypass the immediate things of life and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. He has good plans for our lives and we only have to answer to him. No one else has the ultimate authority. So from now on, God is Number One and I will answer to him.

Thank you Lord for being my Redeemer!