Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It’s all in the delivery.

I’ve been thinking about honesty. I’ve been thinking of caring for people around me, other than myself. I’ve been thinking of the passion inside being re-fuelled.

I’ve been thinking about when someone asks you how you are, and you reply with good; even when you’re not. I’ve been thinking about how the devil likes to isolate people and pounce on them when they are alone with no support. I was thinking about the value of families and that we all have one, whether it is large, small or just one; whether they are blood related or not.

If we all have family, why do people struggle alone?

There is so much that we can gain from each other and it’s sad to think that we are too ‘busy’ for one another. It’s sad how we want things so bad that we forget to stop and enjoy the moment and care for our neighbours. It doesn’t take that long to stop and generally care for someone. I’m guilty of rushing by myself, but I am so, so willing to stop and make the effort for those around me. The Kingdom is all for it and surely if it is a priority for them, then that must mean something? Time will not be wasted when spent helping and encouraging people. We ALL have a part to play and I’m sure if we all worked together we could create a new culture. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Everyone knows someone who knows someone, imagine if we all communicated, we’d loop back to the beginning and we would be so unified! It’s funny how things work huh ;)

Help us get back to your will and your ways, Jesus.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! - Love you guys! :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jesus as the ultimate role model.

Childlikeness. The Holy Spirit impregnated Mary with the Son of God. (Luke 1:35) Jesus was his name. He was to rule and he was a baby! He had the authority and he probably didn’t even know about it! haha that’s cause he was completely dependent on God and God was working through him! In ALL ways and in ANY way! ALL He was glorified God!

When children are crawling and gaining their motor skills they explore all around the house, their parents or caregivers are always watching, keeping an eye on them. Those children can choose to do whatever they like. The parent intervenes if they think the child is going to hurt them-selves or is going the wrong way. This is like Jesus watching our every move, either encouraging us or staying quiet as we explore. He has our best interests at heart (Jere 29: 11), so, if we head the wrong way he corrects us. Sometimes if we keep doing the wrong thing or are going the wrong way the parent will let the child go there and learn for themselves. It may hurt the child but they soon learn that that was why their parent was guiding them away from that action or path the first time. It would be so much easier if we trusted our God the first time so we didn’t have to learn for ourselves. But the amazing thing is that God chooses to use those experiences for our good, anyways! What a gracious God!

Being a child and care free is where it is at. We don’t have to worry about a thing! It may sound unreal but Jesus teaches us to not worry about ANYTHING but PRAY about EVERYTHING!!!! (Phil 4:6) And prayers SO work! That way we can keep moving through life living it to the FULL!! Jesus came so that we may have LIFE and life to the FULL!!! (John 10:10) Ahh what a kind, loving, thoughtful God! We were made to LOVE and BE with him. Resting in his Being and His Creations!

What an amazing Lover that we have and are able to look up to! Lead me oh Lord, let me ride on your wings like eagles!!! Wooooo Freedom!!!!