Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honour and Respect.

Honour – give praise and attention to; Keep (a promise)

Respect – treat with esteem

Esteem – high regard; think highly of

Wow being respectful and honouring of parent’s can be really hard sometimes. No wonder if we do it we will live a long life (Eph 6:3)... what a challenge. But what someone said yesterday we can’t live right by the ‘law’ ourselves, but only through love is it possible to meet those commandments. That makes sense too, because out of love everything is easier; you don’t think about things they just happen – it’s a part of who you are.

Mm I wanna be filled with the Holy Spirit ALL the time. Leaking; it’s the only way!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Get yo bless on! ;D

Have you ever experienced a blessing from a ‘neighbour’? Has the Holy Spirit ever prompted you to do something? Did you do it?

Being blessed is amazing!

I admire the people who hear, listen and give. OH how they will be blessed so much more in return!

This makes me think, wow, I have been a receiver of goodness but have I been a giver of goodness?

It inspires me so much more to listen and carry out the Holy Spirit’s prompts! I would love for people to experience the feeling of a blessing!

I love the fact that if God wants us to do something, he has given us all that we need to do it! We will not miss out or lack, anything!

Tonight I was waiting down at the shops and this little boy (about 3 years old) in the middle of the room was jamming OUT! He was the flippn MAN! WOW! He was performing ‘breaks’ and head stands and all that jazz, SO well! Like better than anyone around! WOAH! It made me think... how can he be so amazing when he is so young?!?!?! Someone must have invested a lot of time into him otherwise he must be very observant!

Imagine if we all spent time in God’s presence experiencing his pure goodness. Wooaaah! What a glorious day that’d be. Haha

So I encourage you, put your ‘antennas’ up and listen out for a chance to give/be a blessing!