Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My God.

Overwhelmed in love. God’s presence just soaks through my being. I am so thankful for God’s love. It cheers me on despite what other people think or what situations I am placed in. He NEVER lets me down. He ALWAYS loves; so much deeper and mightier than anything can or ever will. God’s love FIGHTS for me. It BELIEVES in me and CHAMPIONS me. It NEVER backs down and it never gives up; even if I get distracted and am distant for a while. He is soo close, so close he can hear me breathing. He watches ALL my cells in my body rejuvenate. He breathes LIFE into me. He is my HOPE and without him life wouldn’t be the best. He is my teacher and he shows me different perspectives and shares with me his secret designs, promises and plans. He is my Creator and knows just what I need when I need it. I can FULLY trust in Him and I don’t plan to forget it! NOONE else compares. He is PERFECT. He traded places with me and went through a painful death so that I could be PERFECT and could live life to the FULL. He cared THAT much. He surely loves me. Christ did what he did so that I could be FREE! Not confined to this world but strengthened through harmony with my Saviour. My Lover, my Creator, my Teacher, my Counsellor, my Comforter, my BEST friend. I couldn’t ask for anyone or anything better. Lord have your way :) You are GLORIOUS!