Tuesday, August 3, 2010

give or get

“We are filled to be emptied again, the seed I’ll receive I will sow”

This is SO true!

...God gave first. Now it is a never ending road where everyone receives or is it gives to another person, so that we can be filled and emptied again. So, I think both are just as important as the other!

You see, most people love to give, but find it hard to receive back. However, if we don’t receive back, then how can somebody give? If we rob people of giving, then we won’t receive, and in turn we won’t be able to sow the seed that person sowed into us. It’s ok to be blessed! Praise the Lord, its part of helping each other out.
Joshua 19 verse 9 says that “the land of the Simeonites was taken from part of the land of Judah. Since Judah had much more land then they needed, the Simeonites received part of their land.”

God truly blasts us with his goodness, SO MUCH, that we have MORE than we need, so that we can share!!

“I want nothing less than more of you, Jesus!”

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