Thursday, October 28, 2010

People Person Someone.

People who do not dress modestly could be looked upon as people who do not respect themselves or the people around them. People who ignore the feelings of others do not help them to stand strong and pure. Why then do people dress un-modestly? Do they want to feel loved so draw attention to themselves like that? They will only get attention from the wrong people, people who do not encourage them but rather take advantage of them. No one can appreciate us quite like God; no one can fulfil our needs other than God. We need to focus on Jesus, the light bearer the one who provides security and boldness. If our eyes are gazing on Jesus we won’t need acceptance and reassurance from the ones around us. God is all we need; God first. That’s the number one commandment. With God first everything pans out. When God is first everything will fall into place. Thank you Lord for a sound mind, a mind like Christ. Thank you that we hold Your glory and we have the opportunity to show people how much you mean to us through the way we dress and the way we live. Thank you that that doesn’t hinder the fun we can have! You are soooo fun and we can have all of that!!!!!

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