Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ahhh God is so beautiful. He always knows what is going on and he is so good. Far he blows my mind...

I love it when he walks you through things - taking things at a pace which you can handle. I love it how he makes you all mushy inside and he loves to give you examples and bring it ‘down to earth’ so you can understand, haha thanks God!

This afternoon I felt like doing a little drawing – God led me through it (prophetic!) While I was enjoying spending time with him I youtubed a song that I wanted to find and guess what... the words in that song, matched my drawing - haha nice one God! After that he prompted me to look at the song from different perspectives and downloaded encouraging constructive things for me to work on daily. Pure genius our Lord is! hehe

Opening ourselves to Holy Spirit is amazing, you learn lots, are at peace and just feel so good, plus have fun! :D

Jesus wins!

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