Friday, July 23, 2010

Light and its beauty

God is light. We are made in his image. We are light too!

What does light do?
It eliminates darkness. It is bright. It brings joy and freedom. It gives you direction; with direction there is hope, hope for the future! We HAVE a future in God. How cool is that!

If we are light too, then we can also be such major influences! Have you ever thought about the fact that we can be the only bible some people will ever read? If people interact with us what do they take away from that? How do people read us?

God’s beauty is in the light! That means we are beautiful TOO! Let’s walk in light and let it captivate the people around us! Show them your true beauty and God’s beauty will shine brightly too! Isn’t beauty beautiful! :)

Beauty is in creation too! God has plans for all that he has made and for all that he does. He makes all things work together for our good! WOO! I love looking around and seeing his glory shining brightly! How ‘bout taking some time to admire his beauty, it sure is breath-taking! Wow God!

I would post pictures of his majestic formations and designs but they truly do not bring justice to experiencing them first hand! Let’s be thankful and appreciate all that the day brings! Even the small things, small things are sometimes very huge!

I love standing in awe of God’s goodness. He is so good! Yay God! :)

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