Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flipping frogs.

I love how God doesn’t just satisfy you but he gives you OH so much more so that you are overflowing!

I have been on one huuuuge adventure these last 9 days and boy am I stoked to be home now to share it with all of you guys!!!!

God filled me SO much that I honestly couldn’t take anymore. I had to share it before there was room to receive more from God. God is one giver!
One thing that really jumped out to me was the fact that giving is an act of showing the worthiness of which something is to you. Far out, I was like I want to give my ALL to and for God, he IS so worthy! Worthy of my praise, of my thoughts and of my all.

God has totally wrecked me when it comes to the lost youth. The shepherd had 100 sheep, he was rounding them up and counted 99, there was ONE missing. He left all 99 of the sheep and went off into the distance to search for that one sheep. God has a plan for everyone, nothing that anyone does or thinks ever goes unnoticed. He cares so much. And you have a future in him! He had it for you before you were knitted together in your mother’s womb.
Man youth are so important and I just want to be there for them, in the fun times but also in the learning, stretching and growing times. God is so good!
Can I get an AMEN?! :-P

An opportunity that I got to experience was I got to play the guitar and lead a group into worship. To think I used to be super shy! Haha Yeah God! He had previously placed me in a situation where I got to sing with two people, since that night I have stepped out with many other people and sung with them too! I love it! Each step that I have been involved with has been essential in the leading forth to my stepping out and opening myself up to God using me! I love singing and I love how God uses what we love to do, for his kingdom and glory. All we have to do is be willing and through listening to him our joy will set others free.
I really was smacked with the intensity that the smallest thing can lead to something MEGA huge. Oh there are so many testimonies on times like these. It is so exciting!

Another thing that I love is that when serving in an area we should love the things that we are involved with and not just serve with the undercover intentions of moving up and into a higher position. God wants to see that we are faithful with the small and when his right timing comes he will increase the area of influence and it will be way amazing and such an honouring move.
God has not made us to conform to the world and the friends/environment around us but to SHINE and to STAND OUT. No one is the same and we each have something that other people around us need.

Praise is Holy name in every circumstance as even if you don’t feel it, the words chanted and sung are breaking the evil plans set against you. God is so powerful. Don’t settle for the faith that you have with God now, keep searching and asking him for more and for him to keep revealing the goodness of himself to you. The amazing plans that he is unfolding in people’s lives every moment are incredible! God hears all things and everything prayed to him aren’t missed. Ask and you shall receive! If not straight away, he is working on it! Wahoo!

Another thing that I love is having alone times with God! He is so beautiful. He knows exactly what you love and like and he loves to woo you and share things with you! When I was walking along the beach I crouched down and noticed a gleaming shell. I picked it up and it wasn’t the best looking shell but it was covered in salt and it shined like no other! I got thinking about the verse that WE are the salt of the world, God brings the flavour through us and it is so attractive and through God’s goodness and love he makes us perfect. Wow! So cool and special!
Sheesh. Jesus is SO attractive!!! I love seeing God take over someone’s body, feelings, thoughts and actions, he shines SO bright. When looking to him or at someone who has him, everything doesn’t matter... God completely captivates you and you are in AWE! Whoa the madness of the goodness of God! Woo!

I also really enjoyed spending the last week with a friend and growing with her, and truly forming a beautiful friendship! God doesn’t want us to do life alone. The devil likes to isolate us so we cannot be encouraged and move in our full potential. It is so important to seek help if you need it and to share things with people you trust around you. Unity people, that’s what it’s all about. The devil can’t kick us down if we are all linked together and focussed on the one true God! Woo!

I love how Katrina and I missed a session of outpouring in the conference and sat in a cafe and talked about the goodness of God, I love that through that and sharing our experiences and journeys with the Lord, we were able to form a deeper and more valuable friendship. I love that Katrina has something to share with me and me with her! I love that we are so similar but SO different! I love that God has put common interests into our lives so that we can deepen those interests together! I love that God cares and that he has given encouraging people to me to help me out in everything I do! I love that in seeking God and spending time with him everything else falls into place. I love that I don’t have to worry about everything because he works all things together for my GOOD! Come on! Isn’t he good! Haha

I love that we attempted to do an all-nighter and at 5.30am Katrina wanted to “rest her eyes” in which from there, there was no hope! I love how the next morning after we wanted to get up and watch the sun rise and when the alarm went off Katrina didn’t move and after the fourth time of hearing the alarm going off she said “TURN IT OFF!” haha I love how at 4am we wrote a random song which was actually pretty awesome and that the other people in the house could faintly hear our guitar playing... opps! I love that we were able to laugh about mostly everything in which helped us to not become aggravated and meant the week flowed so amazingly by! I love that we can share everything to each other which also made the week so awesome!

I loved that the weather was magically stunning for pretty much the WHOLE week and I was amazed by it EVERY day! I love that the clouds actually resembled a finger print at one stage! Woo! I love that before the whole adventure started I was able to spend time with Philly, Michelle and Marni. How we woke up on Saturday morning and went to the beach in our pyjama’s and had a hot drink! I love that Philly is so generous, inviting and giving. I really appreciate all that you did/do for us Philly! I love that we went and stood in freezing cold water and collected muscles for lunch which then got spiced out but were yum yum! And how we went rock hopping and decided to randomly jump off the rock into the crisp amazing water. Yay Philly! I love going on adventures with YOU!!!!
I love how we made our way to the next destination and got to spend time with Dana and Libby! How cool are they! I loved how they came into our room in the morning and were so excited to talk to us... they didn’t realise we had only had 3 hours sleep, but that was cool! I loved leading devotion and singing songs on the beach with Katrina and singing an item during the church service with Jess, and hearing all the amazing things the girls shared on Sunday. And praying for the people in the church and singing hymns and eating lots of homemade soup and eating around the table with a big group of girls. AHH I have had an amazing time and I am just so blessed and rocked by each moment of everything!

It was random how we had no water for 12 hours or so, that was VERY interesting but just added to the adventure! I love all the gifts that people have and that I got to be around them all. I love that Robyn has taken time, effort and money to sow into all us girl’s futures!
I loved raiding pinecones from a random’s property, hahaha we were running fast! Awesome! I love how Barbra served SO hard and even, made a special trip to come and fix the holes in my clothes! How honoured was I! I couldn’t believe it for ages!
I loved that we got to sit in Robins little car and went along the cliff sides to the next town! I loved teaching Dana and Libby card games. I loved helping out and being around everyone!

I love that I got to stay with the coolest relatives around, and that they spoiled us so much! What a blessing! I love that it was totally last moment to go to Getsmart and we were both rocked through the whole thing. And still now. I’ll speak for myself here, but I am truly somebody new. I loved playing jinga and making the tower fall over and therefore doing the chicken dance in the middle of the room full of people, really loud!

I love that I love ‘gangster’ music... and that’s OK! WOO! I love that I love food... and that’s OK! I love that I love God... and that’s OK!

One thing that is really important to me is laughing, and having silly jokes and fun times! If we can do that together, that will help our friendship ;) haha

I love that I have learnt so much and God is truly who I am living for.

Ps. I love how it was raining and as I went to run across the road my ring flung off so I turned around and went to look for it. As I spotted it and was leaning forward for it my right foot slipped on a tile and I was bang onto my knee and then hit my finger on the ground and ended up lying on my cheek on the side of my face. For a split moment I was like what the heck I’m on the ground! (I’m laughing so hard writing this out!) I love that Katrina came running back to me laughing her face OFF seriously haha but she guided me into a cove which was away from all the traffic and therefore, no one could ‘point and laugh’, her words! But I loved how she laughed so I laughed and then it didn’t really hurt I was just shocked and then the march continued. Nice Katrina! ;-D

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  1. AMEN for the youth !!!

    hahaha you fell over !!! *points & laughs* heheheheh :p
    joking, i love you, really ;)

    You were AMAZING leading worship last sunday night, & leading our item in the morning. You truly gifted ! Your voice is so beautiful & annointed ! Love you HEAPS !!

    i LOVE that we got to hang & laugh & minister together. I love that you're my little cousin :p. i love worshipping with you. i love just being around you !!!! :) :)