Sunday, February 20, 2011

God’s goodness OUTSHINES!

Things in life may seem random, but they are not random from God’s perspective! Haha

God’s goodness OUTSHINES!

Wow what a weekend, I am completely pro Jesus!

On Sunday morning I arrived at church to find that my back left tyre was completely overs. How did that happen! Fortunately one amazing man on our car-parking team jumped at the opportunity to serve, so before I knew it he was changing my tyre! Wow! How cool is that!!! Sweet, so all should have been well, right? Haha

So I carried on happy as and walked into the morning service, it was amazing! (I was watching one of the little girls be merry as and oh so cute and God shared with me that that is how he looks at us! WHA, loved much! Haha wow. In His eyes we are all innocent and we bring him PURE JOY! WOAH!!!!

Anywho, after the service I went and pumped up the spare tyre which was on my car and I ventured off to film church news with the girls! That was fun! Then it came time to leave again... and to my surprise as I was driving back home the spare tyre was completely overs, AGAIN! What the! How does that happen! Haha oh man!

Through this time I had been texting my two parents and neither one of them were replying, awesome. Not! Lol

Anyways, on Friday morning I had surgery and then that evening through a series of events I ended up at my uncles and aunties house. Little did I know was that all the adults were leaving for a birthday party and I was staying behind to babysit! It was really cool actually, but that’s not the story :P haha so my uncle gave me some $ for being there and helping them out and I was like wow I totally didn’t expect that but sweet thanks! The amount he gave me was actually the amount I need to set aside weekly to pay off my braces, (but he didn’t know that). So I was like sweet, thank you God I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay off my braces this week!

So with having received an awesome amount of money and then going through the weekend to not being able to use my car to go to work to earn money to pay off my braces, God knew and he provided!!!! WAAAAA!!!! I love him! :D

Another cool thing about this story is that whenever I get called upon to babysit for these certain cousins it usually means that I need the money and God’s giving it to me so that I can afford something that’s coming up. But I didn’t even think about that until everything unfolded this weekend! Haha I totally don’t need to worry ever cause God’s got my back and I love the fact that he knows what’s happening ahead of time and with that knowledge he makes away for us to get through. Shame devil, God prevails!

I also love the fact that I shouldn’t be worrying about paying off my braces anyways cause the whole journey started with God saying step out and trust me, it’s the right time to get your braces! So if he said that, then he has the payments scheduled!

I love that he works everything for our good and I love that he knows so many sources where the money can come from then we do so why do we try and take matters into our own hands? His way is the only way and his way is the BEST way!

Also through this weekend and the whole braces process so far, at times I have felt quite vulnerable. The thing that blows me away though is the fact that everyone around me has been so super supportive and encouraging and loving and kind that I just feel so blessed to be in such a safe environment going through something like this! I thank God for the awesome places he puts me in with the awesome people he surrounds me with!

On an even extremer scale, being around lots of people just after coming out of surgery meant that people saw me way whacked out! That could have made me nervous or upset but it didn’t it made me think wow people love me when I’m in this state, so why would I ever need to ‘try’ and be ‘someone’ awesome in order to fit in. People love me no matter what! That’ so freeing, I can be myself! Yay!

Another story is that I used to be real protective about sharing ‘my’ belongs with people, even if they were like the gentlest people ever! But I have been set free from that, somehow! I didn’t even notice until one day I thought wow I never used to be like this, thank you Jesus, I love that I share now! Also with having the incident with my car yesterday it just proved to me that I actually am not that fused with materialistic things anymore, I actually am fully devoted and admire God, he is my EVERYTHING and I love that so much! I am happy to give everything up for him. Nothing else compares and matters to what he’s doing or wants to do. It’s such a marvellous place to be, God, here I am, use all of me! :) My true gift in life right now is having all the amazing people who I love, around me. Relationships are gems and I often wonder when I see a sour relationship... what would Kingdom relationships look like? I want to mirror God!

Another super revelation that I’ve had throughout my holiday is that I don’t have to be a preacher to go about doing God’s business. I can shine and make a difference in the community through doing social work (or whatever I end up choosing). It’s so special having come to that place where I know that if I move away from where God has placed me right now then I am walking away from what he has install for me at this stage. I’m not missing out just because I’m not with my friends doing the internship! So it set me free from constantly being involved in church activities and ministries, throughout the week. Now, I can enjoy the few things that I am involved with, worship and youth. Plus now, I can focus on the task at hand, assignments and tec. That’s where I’m meant to be at this time and if I jump away from that then I am missing out! Thanks God for setting me straight! Haha

And last of all I love the fact that Holy Spirit is with me always and is constantly guiding me through life, showing me the way. I love that He is so gentle with me that when my thoughts are distracted and away from the glory he guides me back and sets me on track. I am so humbled by his grace and love; I love where he leads me. Mmm yum. :)

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  1. you and god amaze me :) your just riding jesuss coat tail weEEeee <3 you
    and thank you for sharing your adventures!!!!!!!