Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Pompoms... the ones cheerleaders use to shake and hype up the people around them. Pompoms have no restrictions! They are free to go crazy all over the show! They have no need to be scared or worried; as they are being held on to by someone who has much more control than they do. They can go crazy without being judged as that is their purpose in life! Called to bring emphasis to the things which they are representing! Woo!

We are like pompoms; free to be who we are called to be! We can move and act with no worries as we are being held in the safest hands ever. God’s hands! There is no shame in his name! We cannot fall when his hands are holding us/lifting us up! Even if you feel like a pompom in the way of being flung everywhere with no purpose, that is not true! God holding you is boosting you in all the right directions! He knows all the right moves and grooves to lead you along the right tracks to make the most out of all the skills and abilities he has gifted you with! Look to him, you will see it too! In letting ourselves go for the glory of God and his kingdom we allow others to go crazy too! It may not be easy, but it is sooo GOOD! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and everything else will fade away. The thoughts of others won’t bring you down any longer! Are we not living to bring glory to God and his goodness?
Be yourself! You are the BEST at that! Nothing beats the fearfully and wonderfully made unique individual that you have been made as! Woop woop!

Bring on the crazy good times that we are called to have! Full of encouragement to the people around us... even the randoms which we pass in the streets! Yay! Ya never know who is watching and what affects your actions are having on those observers! Unleashing the unique awesome person you ARE brings OH so much joy! Bring the joy and crazy times on!... FUNTIMES!!!

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  1. I loveeeee the comparison between us and Pompoms. Girl, you are so good with words and i have a feeling that you're blogs are going to be one of my favourites to read. xxx